Algol 60 comparison with FORTRAN II

Here we present Hello set of Fortran programs, which are practically the same to Hello set of Algol 60 programs. Comparing them gives some ideas about the similarities and differences between Algol 60 and Fortran II

Fortran77 compiler for compilation of fortran hello programs

Fortran II Set of Hello programs for comparison with Algol 60 Hello programs:

One Hello program is not enough! Here is the set of Fortran programs, which demonstrate some differences between Algol 60 and Fortran.

1_adam.f Empty program (stop and end only)

1_comment.f Empty program with comment

1_eva.f line of text printing

2_adamar.f integer variable declaration and assignment

2_outinteger.f print of integer variable value

2_ininteger.f reading of integer variable

2_array.f integer array declaration and using

3_outreal.f declaration and printing of real variable

3_inreal.f reading of real variable

3_boolean.f impossible introduction of boolean data type

4_goto.f goto operator: demonstration of infinite loop

4_if.f demonstration of logical if operator

4_for.f demonstration of do (instead of for) operator

4_for2.f impossible another type of do operator

4_while.f while absence

5_twoBlocks.f absence of main block and sub-block construction

6_typelessProc.f procedure which return nothing

6_intProc.f procedure which return integer number

6_realProc.f procedure which return real number

8_fileWrite.f writing to the file

8_fileRead.a60 reading from the file