Algol 60 documentation

Rutishauser Description of ALGOL 60 (May be the best book about Algol 60)

B.Randell, L.Russell Algol 60 implementation

Algol_Programming KDF_9_Algol_Programming.pdf

Introduction to ALGOL 60 for those who have used other language


Edsger W. Dijkstra "Primer of Algol 60 Programming"

Hermann Bottenbruch "Structure and use of ALGOL 60"

R.F. Shepherd "Algol 60 Programming (Computer Science)"

C. Anderson "An introduction to ALGOL 60"

Eric Neave, Henry Grayshon, Matthew Foxley "A first course in ALGOL 60" by

C.M. Reeves and Michael Wells "Course in Programming Algol 60 (Science Paperbacks)"

John Collins "Principles of Algol 60 Programming"

D. J. Malcolme-Lawes "Programming-ALGOL"

Daniel D. McCracken "A Guide to Algol Programming"

Staff Of Royal Radar Establishment "Programming In Algol"

D. H Thurnau "ALGOL programming: A basic approach"

Ekman T et al "Introduction to Algol Programming"

R. Ractliffe, J.F Wooldridge "An Introduction to Algol Programming"

R.A. Vowels "Algol 60 and Fortran IV"

J.D. Earnshaw and W.A.R. Blackford "Computer Programming in Algol (Programmed Texts)"