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Algol 60 is the First!

Algol 60 is the first real programming language. FORTRAN is just a very high level assembler language with automatic formula translation and variable memory allocation. Look at the Algol 60 History menu item and Main steps in Algol development menu item for a short FORTRAN review.

From a hundred programming languages we can select three "golden" languages: Algol 60, Simula 67 and C (created at 1972, we can call it C 72). They had a very strong influence on all other programming languages.

But Algol 60 is the first! Simula 67 is just Algol 60 with Object Oriented Programming and string processing extensions. C is Algol 60 - like with "syntax sugar" and with structures, memory pointers, modular programming and a big function library.

C++, Java and C# include all concepts from the "golden trio" each in there own way. Only Basic is the child of FORTRAN

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