Hello Algol 60 collection of programs:

One Hello program is not enough! Here is the set of programs, which demonstrate some of basic Algol 60 elements.

1_adam.a60 Empty program (begin and end only)

1_comment.a60 Empty program with comment

1_eva.a60 line of text printing

2_adamar.a60 integer variable declaration and assignment

2_outinteger.a60 print of integer variable value

2_ininteger.a60 reading of integer variable

2_array.a60 integer array declaration and using

3_outreal.a60 declaration and printing of real variable

3_inreal.a60 reading of real variable

3_boolean.a60 introduction of boolean data type

4_goto.a60 goto operator: demonstration of infinite loop

4_if.a60 demonstration of 'if' operator

4_for.a60 demonstration of 'for' operator

4_for2.a60 another type of 'for' operator

4_while.a60 while can be used only together with 'for'

5_twoBlocks.a60 main block and sub-block construction

6_typelessProc.a60 procedure which return nothing

6_intProc.a60 procedure which return integer number

6_realProc.a60 procedure which return real number

7_string.a60 printing of string constants

7_length.a60 length of string constant

7_outchar.a60 output of character

7_inchar.a60 read of character

7_terminator.a60 delimiter (space) output

8_fileWrite.a60 writing to the file

8_fileRead.a60 reading from the file