History of Algol 60

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Main Steps in New Program Language Development:

1953 - Autocode (Assembler)

1956 - Fortran

1958 - Algol58

1960 - Algol60

1966 - AlgolW (Algol60 with strings and records-structures)

1967 - Simula67 (Algol60 with classes)

1972 - C

Three reasons of tragic (but still magestic) history of Algol60:

Bauer1958.pdf German GAMM proposal for Algol58

ACM_ALGOL_1958.pdf US ACM proposal for Algol58

ICIP-1959.pdf Algol58 standard proposal

interviewBauer.pdf An Interview with FRIEDRICH BAUER

AlgolHistory.pdf The History of the ALGOL Effort by HT de Beer

Bemer-Algol.pdf A Politico-Social History of Algol