Six Algol 60 Translators and Interpreters:

Translator JFF-Algol60

Linux version: Developer Jan Van Katwijk


Translator MARST

Linux version: Developer Andrei Makhorin


It is possible to install in Cygwin a environment

Translator cim

Linux version : Developer Sverre Johansen


Errors when installed in a Cygwin environment

Windows version: Developer Petr Novak


Very easy installation!

Translator Rogalgol

MS-DOS version


It has be run in Ms-Dos environment

Interpreter a60 ( another name: nase)

Linux and Windows versions: Developer Erik Schoenfelder

a60-0.22 Linux version

a60-0.22.exe Windows version: No installation at all, just unzip exe-file!

Interpreter algol60i (Python implementation).

Linux and Windows environment : Developer SUZUKI Hisao

algol60i interpreter