First 100 ACM algorithms:

001.pdf Integration of several functions of same limits

002.pdf Solution of equation x = f(x)

003.pdf Solution of polynomial equation by Bairstow-Hitchcock method

004.pdf Bisection routine

005.pdf Bessel function I, Series expansion

006.pdf Bessel function I, Asymptotic expansion

007.pdf Euclidian Algorithm

008.pdf Euler Summation

009.pdf Runge-Kutta integration

010.pdf Evaluation of the Chebyshev Polynomial by Recursion

011.pdf Evaluation of the Hermite Polynomial by Recursion

012.pdf Evaluation of the Laguerre Polynomial by Recursion

013.pdf Evaluation of the Legendre Polynomial by Recursion

014.pdf Complex exponential integral

015.pdf Rootfinder II ( modification of algorithm 002)

016.pdf Crout with pivoting

017.pdf Linear tri-diagonal system solution

018.pdf Rational interpolation by continued fractions

019.pdf Binomial coefficients

020.pdf Real exponential integral

021.pdf Bessel function for a set of integer orders

022.pdf Riccati-Bessel functions of first nd second kind

023.pdf Math sort

024.pdf Solution of tri-diagonal linear equations

025.pdf Real zeros of an arbitrary function using Muller's method

026.pdf Rootfinder III ( modification of algorithm 015)

027.pdf Assignment Problem algorithm

028.pdf Least Squares Fit by orthogonal polynomials

029.pdf Polynomial transformer

030.pdf Numerical solution of the polynomial equation

031.pdf Gamma function

032.pdf Multi integration

033.pdf Factorial (recursive procedure)

034.pdf Gamma function

035.pdf Sieve of Eratosthenes

036.pdf Tchebycheff

037.pdf Telescope 1

038.pdf Telescope 2

039.pdf Correlation coefficients with matrix multiplication


041.pdf Evaluation of determinant

042.pdf Invert the square matrix

043.pdf Crout with pivoting II

044.pdf Bessel functions computed recursively

045.pdf The periodic paiment calculation (interest)

046.pdf Exponential of a complex number

047.pdf Associated Legendre functions of the first kind

048.pdf Logarithm of a complex number

049.pdf Spherical Neumann function

050.pdf Inverse of a finite segment of the Hilbert matrix

051.pdf Adjust inverse of a matrix whan an element is perturbed

052.pdf A set of test matrices

053.pdf Nth root of a complex number

054.pdf Gamma function for range 1.0 to 2.0

055.pdf Complete elliptic integral of the first kind

056.pdf Complete elliptic integral of the second kind

057.pdf Ber or Bei function

058.pdf Matrix inversion

059.pdf Zeros of a real polynomial by resultant procedure

060.pdf Romberg integration

061.pdf Procedures for range arithmetic

062.pdf A set of associate Legendre polynomialsof the second kind

063.pdf Partition

064.pdf Quicksort

065.pdf Find

066.pdf Inversion of a positive definite symmetric matrix

067.pdf CRAM

068.pdf Augmentation

069.pdf Chain tracing

070.pdf Interpolation by Aitken

071.pdf Permutation generator

072.pdf Composition generator

073.pdf Incomplete elliptic integrals

074.pdf Curve fitting with constraints

075.pdf The rational linear factors of the polynomial

076.pdf Sorting procedures

077.pdf Interpolation, Differentiation and Integration

078.pdf Rational roots of the polynomial with integer coefficients

079.pdf Difference expression coefficients

080.pdf Reciprocal Gamma function of real argument

081.pdf Economising a sequence 1

082.pdf Economising a sequence 2

083.pdf Optimal classification of objects

084.pdf Simpson's integration

085.pdf Jacobi : Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of symmetric matrix

086.pdf Permutation of the first n components of x

087.pdf Permutation generator

088.pdf Evaluation of asymptotic expression for Fresnel sine and cosine integrals

089.pdf Evaluation of Fresnel sine integral

090.pdf Evaluation of Fresnel cosine integral

091.pdf Chebyshev curve-fit

092.pdf Simultaneous system of equations and matrix inversion routine

093.pdf General order arithmetic

094.pdf Next combination generation

095.pdf Generation of partitions in part-count form

096.pdf Ansestor

097.pdf Shortest path in network

098.pdf Evaluation of definite complex line integrals

099.pdf Evaluation of Jacobi symbol

100.pdf Add item to chain-linked list